Mark Williams

With two released albums, Mark Williams has had the pleasure of performing on the same bill as Arlo Guthrie & the Guthrie Family, Stetson Kennedy, Ramblin' Jack Elliot, Pierce Petis, Steve Forbert, Al Letson, Kelly Joe Phelps, Willy Porter, Tracy Grammer, and Randall Bramblett.

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Geej Lang

Originally from Davao City, Philippines, Geej has performed in many countries around the world as a musician and theater artist. She has written music for many theater productions and just finished her first made-in-America music album entitled "Journey".

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MOONSTALKER is MARK WILLIAMS and GEEJ LANG are an eclectic singer/songwriter duo who came together by fate in Jacksonville FL. Together, they combine various styles of Asian, Latin, Americana and Blues to create their own soulful sound. They sing in English, Tagalog and Visayan. Their personal and socially relevant songs reflect the world around them.

MARK WILLIAMS has performed with various bands over the years. He currently performs with his band Blue Horse and is also a part of Spiral Bound. He has written music for Off-Broadway shows, industrial films, radio shows and award winning fashion videos. He has performed on the same bill with many of his childhood heroes such as Arlo Guthrie, Steve Forbert, and Randall Bramblett, among others. Mark has released two CDs: Ghosts of Eden (2004) and Out Past the Moon (2015).

GEEJ LANG grew up in the Philippines where she became interested in theater and indigenous music. She has written music for various musical productions over the past 15 years. One of her songs was recently performed on The Voice in the Philippines. She has performed all over the world as a solo performer, in theater productions and with her band Mebuyan. Geej is currently finishing up her first solo CD: Home is Where.

MoonStalker performs with Suave Latino in Davao City, Philippines

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