Mark Williams


Mark, with Linda Minke, was featured artist on First Coast Living. Some of Mark’s music was featured on the NPR radio show STATE OF THE REUNION.

Mark's first CD Ghosts of Eden (2004) was courtesy of an artist grant from The Community Foundation of Jacksonville and the J. Shepard, Jr. and Mary Ann Bryan Arts Endowment. He produced the CD along with Bill Pillmore at RoadWorm Music Studio.

Along with Blue Horse, Mark released his second CD Out Past the Moon in 2015. It was produced by Mark and Roy Peak at Radical Recording Studio.

HIs third CD From Earth and Broken Sky was released in 2022.

Mark now hosts the live music shows at Mudville Music Room, taking after the venerable Ray Lewis who brought in a wealth of local and national music talents on its stage through the years. 

From Earth and Broken Sky

  by Mark Williams and Blue Horse    produced by Mark Williams and Roy Peak

We are excited to announce that Mark's new album "From Earth and Broken Sky" release party will be at the Karpeles Manuscript Museum on August 5, 2022 at 7:30 p.m.

The concert will be opened by the scintillating and poignant singer-songwriter Grant Nielsen.


Mark Williams, with his band of pirates, doctors, and worldwide wanderers, uses a wide pallet of musical styles — Americana, old school rock, country, world, folk and jazz — to tell his thoughtful and poetic stories. The band often blends steel guitars with cellos and percussion from around the world to accompany the haunting and vibrant melodies Mark has created.

The characters in these stories are a part of the present-day landscape of global warming, addiction, and racism while painted in the shades and shadows of the historic past. Through it all there is hope as they search for love, meaning, dignity and redemption.

So, we invite you to take a ride in these songs delivered to you from Earth and Broken Sky. 


Mark Williams has previously released two albums: “Ghost of Eden” and “Out Past the Moon.” He has shared the stage with notable artists such as Arlo Guthrie, Steve Forbert, Randall, Bramblett, Tracy Grammer, and many others. He’s written music for Off-Broadway productions, and played guitar in a run of “Passing Strange” by playwright Stew.

Geej Williams is a singer-songwriter, thespian, who for years has performed throughout Asia and Europe. She has written music for plays in the Philippines where she originally came from, and has also released a solo album in 2019 titled “Journey.”

Roy Peak is a singer-songwriter, musician, who has played in various punk, rock and folk bands. He has released three albums and has recorded hundreds of albums for and with other artists.

Noel Millan traveled the world playing in the US Navy jazz band. He too played in the run of “Passing Strange.”

Also playing in the CD are musicians Linda Minke, Victor Minke Huls, Mike Koren, Rick Wagner, Matt Soergel, Terry Whitehead, Paolo Sisi, E Impey, Brian Holman, and Janine Newfield.  

Review from The Rocking Magpie

"Genre Bending Nu-Folk and Americana Plus Fabulous and Creative Storytelling: In many ways it will be all too easy to reduce this album to ‘easy listening’ for when you’re reading or doing the ironing; as the melodies are quite majestic; but you will get the most benefit if you actually take the time to kick back in the fabulous and creative storytelling that runs through these songs like a golden thread."

Review from Roadie Music

(Translated from Portuguese): "Already on all digital platforms, the new single from the American project - Mark Williams and Blue Horse called “Mining Town Burning Down". Delivering a Southern Rock of incredible mastery, the track is a strong candidate to be one of the biggest highlights of this year. Exaggeration on my part? Press play and understand what I mean."

Review from Zone Nights

(Translated from Argentina Spanish): "What a good single, it has a very special tone, it sounds with a good psychedelic style, a bit of classic rock and Americana, a combination that has been more than good. Take A Ride, is the name of the single, which promises to lift the spirits to the fullest, with a lot of rhythm and good riffs, it is a song that fulfills what it promises."

Reviews of "Drago's Wish"

"Great song… loving the easy going folk vibe here…”—Rufus (Indie Folk Central) of Indie Folk Central

“I appreciate the relaxing atmosphere and great guitar work here! The vocal has a distinct tone that fit well into this soundscape!”—Andreas Grannes (Spotify playlister in Norway)

“The voice is beautiful. I like your color of voice and how you use it in this song.“—Lautaro Toloza of LTMusic (Argentina)

"You are very original and talented…”—Atlas (Spotify Playlister in Italy)

“Loved the chords progression and the guitar riffing, very well done with the arrangements in general.”—Gabriele Catoni - (Spotify Playlister Italy)

"This is a lovely delicate intro with narrative vocals and warm growing instrumentation.” UKZoe Konez (Spotify Playlister from the UK)

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“It was a warm April night at the Waterfront, and Mark Williams was on stage…and he was in top form. And though most in the room were unfamiliar with Williams and his music, it took just a few songs for him to have everyone’s attention.” —from MUSIC ON THE MENU, by Alan K. Stout Wilkes-Barre Times Leader

(Williams’) eclectic adult alternative sound has haunting melodies and poetic lyrics”…—Tamara McClaran, The Florida Times-Union

“’Ghosts of Eden’ is tremendous”—Dave Stewart, Music Director 102.3 FM The Mountain 

A blend of Americana and Southwestern flavor…Williams’ music never strays far from the point – which seems to be the point – offering tightly crafted backdrops for the engaging stories he tells. —J. Citrone for FOLIOWEEKLY

Excerpts from the review “Out Past the Moon” from FOLIO WEEKLY written by John E. Citrone:

“Opening track, “Quiet, Baby is Sleeping” …. He’s creating a minor-chord atmosphere, with gypsy strings, Latin percussion and strummed electric and acoustic guitars. His upbeat mid-tempo instrumental, “When Jonathan Richman Comes to Town,” all harmonicas and lap steel, is another example, unrefined and rocking. The fade-in and premature fade-out give one the feeling of peeking in on a jam session. It’s all very personal…

The lovely title track deepens this vibe. Joined by Amy Carlson during the chorus, Williams’ grainy, trebly voice enjoys a sort of softening, with Carlson adding a lullaby-like quality to the tune. And the memorable “What Do I Say,” floating like the lyrics suggest, is certainly the finest track on the record. It’s the kind of piece you sink into, voices moving around you as the music drifts below. “Stephanie,” too, gets all brooding and Neil Young distortion-y, with mysterious imagery embedded in the lyrics and nasty, nasty guitar soloing. The lyrics are personal.” 


DUST BOWL – A parable sung from the perspective of one man’s experience in the 1930’s when the dust storms ravaged the farm lands due to bad agricultural practices while mankind failed to except responsibility for it’s actions. Based on Ken Burn’s documentary.

MALI IS MUSIC  –  Written in solidarity with the musicians and artists of Mali who have come under attack in recent years by religious extremists who tried violently to ban the rich culture of music and dance.

CUBAN DREAMS – This was written as the theme for a character in the play Essential Personnel, written by Al Letson.

DRAGO’S WISH – The story of an Italian immigrant and his dreams and life in America.

SNOW FALLING – A meditative piece that tries to evoke the peace and beauty of walking through the falling snow.

WITCH HUNTS – A look at the fears and hatreds that still exist in the modern world.

WHO IN HELL – A soldier tells his story. Based on many stories I researched on PTSD as well as the experiences I saw first hand of family members suffering from post traumatic stress.